It can be scary to stop and pause - especially when it feels like there's no time.

The juggle gets easier when we learn to think differently. When we stop subconsciously choosing thoughts that add pressure and create situations that make life harder. But it's so easily done. We all do it. Because too many parents have accepted life after children means going non-stop for the next 18 years. I used to believe that too. Until I saw what it was doing to me - and my family. 

Just like we feed our body, I learned how to feed our mind.

Just like we exercise our physical body, I learned how to exercise our minds. 

Just like we have physical fitness, I embraced mental fitness. 

And you can too.

As a certified mental fitness coach, my approach to coaching bridges the gap between being 'okay' and requiring mental health support. By learning the right tools and techniques to juggle life in our modern world in a healthier way, you get to set an example for your children. Let's teach them how to enjoy life, whilst achieving goals. Let's teach them healthier ways to deal with challenges and the benefits of celebrating wins.

Together, we can enjoy this stage in our lives a little more and make a big difference to how our future generations experience it.  

Are you ready?


1-2-1 Coaching

  • 3 - 12 month programs
  • Learn tools & techniques
  • Manage anxiety & guilt to reduce pressure
  • Specialist return to work option

Parental Power-Up!

  • New Initiative
  • Self-coaching modules
  • Bite-sized learning for busy parents, to relieve the pressure they experience
  • Accessible online or using the app

Upcoming Events

  • Chai & Chat morning
  • Workshop: Managing guilt
  • Workshop: Practicing self-care without feeling selfish
  • Workshop: Your unique compass 

What Parents Say About Coaching

The Thought Box

"I am so glad to have worked with Karishma as she helped me understand what my priorities are and set small goals each session that made a big impact on my life. Since working with her, I have been able to spend more quality time with my family and friends while still growing and excelling at work (I recently got promoted). What I loved about Karishma was her unique coaching style – she found the right balance between challenging me and making me feel supported and at ease."

Senior Manager, Docusign

The Thought Box

"I found the coaching extremely valuable. It focuses on setting goals across all facets of your life and I found this particularly helpful as it’s about growing as a person, not just at work. I highly recommend the programme and would have struggled more without it. Karishma is fantastic, and I really can’t say how much I appreciated the opportunity to work with her."

Senior Portfolio Lead, ApotheCom

The Thought Box

"Karishma carried out a wonderful and insightful workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed and was so pleased to have attended. So much to learn from Karishma and other members, it's a relief to be able to share thoughts and experiences and being able to see it from another perspective, which is most valuable. Looking forward to the upcoming workshops!"

Participant, Managing Guilt Workshop

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