What is Parental Power-up?

Parental Power-Up is a new
initiative designed to make coaching
more accessible to parents
and the organisations who
want to support parents within
their teams, at every level.

While you may want to provide
1-2-1 coaching for everyone, 
it's understandable that everyone
has different budgets and styles of
learning and development. 

This is the mission behind Parental Power-Up.


The Challenge
Working parents are constantly on the go and often have limited time and resources to look after their own mental and emotional well-being. Committing to 1-2-1 coaching sessions can prove to be a challenge, depending on childcare and workplace support. Parental Power-Up has been designed specifically to address this challenge by:

  • Focused Topics
  • Self-Paced
  • Practical Tools
  • Web or App
  • Bite-Sized Modules
  • Self-Coaching Techniques
  • Insight with Actions
  • For New and Seasoned Parents

Want a taste of Parental Power-Up? 

Check out this 15-min self-coaching break that your future self will thank you for. A simple reset for a more fulfilling future.

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What customers have to say

The Thought Box

"Karishma’s 15-Minute Reset for Overwhelmed Parents was fantastic and so helpful...In just 15 minutes I felt a connection to my true self, the self that was forgotten and hidden under all the other responsibilities that had taken precedence...Highly recommend."

Working Parent

The Thought Box

This was the start of an empowering mindset shift. Right away, Karishma's opening message is personal and makes you feel like you have someone in your corner...I didn't realise how quick and enjoyable the modules would be!

D&I Business Lead, TD Bank & New Working Parent

The Thought Box

“After coaching with Karishma, I felt I had learned tools
and techniques that I could use in day to day life. The
point being that I can reflect on how I can be my best
and knowing that daily my best can change. I am then
able to be my best at work, at home and as a Mum to
my young son. Thank you Karishma for these
invaluable tools and techniques.”

Travis Perkins

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