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Having the support of Karishma and The Thought Box helped me and my team during the recent, difficult times we found ourselves in during the last few months due to the global pandemic. Being able to access support material, and having an empathetic yet impartial person available to talk to has been an absolute boon.

Jaysun Tuffin, Contract Manager, Bouygues Energies & Services

Karishma has helped me develop a more clearer path towards my career and goals and also helped with my mental well-being during this pandemic. Thank you for keeping me sane Karishma and for pushing me towards achieving those goals.

Swati Patel, Bid Manager, FutureGov

Time with Karishma really allowed me to refocus and offload my work stresses! She gave me some very useful tools to help me feel less overwhelmed and get the priorities done and dusted!

Anonymous RISE User, Highfield Communication

Karishma is a natural, warm, caring and empathetic mentor and coach. During various discussions, she has helped me to employ effective strategies, which allowed me to work through difficult situations, both professionally and personally.  Her conflict management, leadership and optimization ideas and tactics are very helpful and can be used easily and reliably. She is an asset to this field and I am so appreciative of her advice and guidance.

Anonymous, NHS Doctor

Working with Karishma helped me define the reasons I decided to go for that change, focus on aspects that actually matter to me, rather than the ‘noise’ that can be distracting and doesn’t actually matter. It helped me realise that I was actually happy in terms of my core criteria, strengths and values and brought focus that made the transition smooth

Sumit Sapra, BPO & Vertical Head, Teleperformance

Karishma has been a great support while I transitioned back to work after my maternity leave. A lot of changes took place during my leave, I had a difficult time adjusting back to work. Spending time with Karishma helped me build my confidence and focus on what mattered to me, helping me define and work towards my goals.

Seema Kapadia, Accountant, IGT

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