Always in YOUR corner

I see how hard you work.

At home and in the workplace. You're not invisible. And you do matter.

What you do today, directly impacts your tomorrow... and your family's future.

With two kids, work and the pressures of our modern world, I know exactly what it feels like to keep going with life's pressures.

It's not easy. But together, we can make it easier.  I learned a better way. 

A better way to enjoy my family, while still showing up at work the way I want to.

And I want to share it all with you.

Have you normalised being in a constant state of anxiety, guilt and stress because you're a working parent and that's 'just how it is'? 

What will happen if you continue to live life this way for the next 10 - 15 years?  I'm guessing you're going to burn out... You know why? Because I did. 

Do I still get frustrated? Yes.  Am I still short-tempered sometimes? Of course.

But I also have a healthier relationship with my children than ever before. In fact, all the relationships in my life are healthier - including the relationship with myself. 

If you want to take more control of your life, experience both work and home in a more positive way and start feeling more peace and less stress - then The Thought Box is perfect for you.



The Coach

Hi, I'm Karishma. A psychology graduate and Certified Mental Fitness coach with a diploma in Life Coaching, Mindfulness and Mindfulness for children. I use my skills and experience to coach working parents to master a healthy work-life balance, without losing themselves in the process. Being a working parent in todays world isn't easy. As a mother of two I am very aware of the anxiety, stress and constant guilt that parents experience in our fast-paced, modern world. I am incredibly passionate about creating awareness and providing the tools we need to manage the challenges we are faced with. 

The Approach

The combination of training and coaching, along with mental fitness exercises support parents to build a stronger mindset that benefits them both personally and professionally. While circumstances cannot be controlled, learning to be more mindful of how we interpret and address our experiences can completely change the direction of our working parent journey. By clearing the mind, we are able to refocus, reframe and re-empower ourselves to truly enjoy this stage in our life.

The Philosophy

Supporting working parents is more than just practical measures like hybrid working and family days. I focus on the mental and emotional aspects of parenthood, considering the unique challenges faced in today’s face-paced, high-pressured world. Through this, we can truly create more inclusive and enjoyable working environments.

What Parents Say

The Thought Box

“I have been very fortunate to have had conversations with Karishma, who is a fantastic coach. Her thoughtful listening style and guidance to work through clearing the pathway have helped me tremendously. I would not have believed so much positive mindset change was possible before our sessions. Karishma has impacted me with greater self belief, supported in unleashing my talent and work and most importantly finding a balance to invaluable family time and achieving a successful career.”

HR Director, Pentex Ltd.

The Thought Box

“Working with Karishma helped me define the reasons I
decided to go for my role, focus on aspects that actually
matter to me, rather than the ‘noise’ that can be
distracting and doesn’t actually matter. It helped me
realise that I was actually happy in terms of my core
criteria, strengths and values and brought focus that
made the transition smooth.”

BPO & Vertical Head, Teleperformance

The Thought Box

“Karishma has been a great support while I transitioned
back to work after my maternity leave. A lot of changes
took place during my leave, I had a difficult time
adjusting back to work. Spending time with Karishma
helped me build my confidence and focus on what
mattered to me, helping me define and work towards
my goals.”

The Thought Box

"The guilt as a working mom workshop was excellent! I found it thoughtful and the strategies offered helpful and supportive. Sharing stories was so encouraging and Karishma was excellent at leading us through the
process. I highly recommend this workshop."

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